“I’ll Just Be Two Minutes Mate”

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while now, and since doing a podcast with Rebel Matters this week I’ve decided to bite the bullet and go for it.  The lack of respect out there for disabled parking spaces.

What really got me thinking about this and why I’ve really decided to write this blog is a question that he asked me.

“In your experience so far, how do people treat you as a wheelchair user? From the good to the bad.”

Now you could say that I’m somewhat of an expert as a wheelchair user. having being in a wheelchair the last 19/20 years its fair to say that I have come across some absolutely crazy situations with people!

It’s crazy to think how ignorant people can be towards disabilities. They seem to think that the parking spaces are just there for their own convenience.

For instance, just the other day as I was looking for a parking spot in the city-centre, I came across a rather popular security company parked in a disabled spot. When confronted the man in the van just nodded at me and carried on to look into his phone. The driver came out and was said to me “oh I was just in there for two minutes”.

I don’t think people really understand why we need/ have disabled parking spots. Getting a wheelchair in and out of a car is no easy task. Let alone doing it in a parking space so tight that the average human being would struggle to get in and out of it. We need  the  bigger spaces to allow room for our wheelchairs or mobility aids to get in and out of the cars. To allow for extra room for assistance in and out of the car depending on the level of disability.  People also need these spaces as they might not be able to walk a far distance depending on the disability.  These spaces should not be seen as a privilege, but rather a necessity for people with disabilities.

Taking up these spaces when you do not need them is taking away from someone who is in need. it is also taking away from them as a human being, a person with a disability is just as much of a human being as to what you are.

” If you want my parking space, have my disability.”

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