Be enthusiastic, give excellent demonstrations and be nice to people.

Doing these three things can carry you far in any area of life. If your athletes / clients, even people in general enjoy being around you, they feel as if you have their best interests at heart they will listen to what you have to say.

It can take time and experience to build knowledge and competence, but enthusiasm, work ethic and positivity are attributes that you can control no matter the situation you are in.

Have you ever been unhappy when a baby or a puppy is around? No? I know I light up when one is in the same room as me. THe enthusiams theh have is infectious. if you are enjoying yourself, your coaching and yourself, your members will enjoy it too. THis is vital as exercise is not alwasy easy, especially for beginners who might find the gym an intimidating place to face.

Be the best part of your clients day, after-all, they have given you this great trust of orchestrating their life for x amount of hours / week. Make it an enjoyable experience and you will never have a shortage of people to train!